Everywhere you go leave a glitter trail of kindness behind you

I’ve referenced the random acts of kindness I’ve experienced since I started using my stunning cane. And now I want to take a moment to share a little more detail about how lovely people are.

We’ve all heard or experienced the intended kind gesture where someone grabs your and stears you to where they think you should go. Im thrilled to report thatI’ve been so lucky in that anyone who has offered assistance has put the hands up and said, ‘I’ve actually no idea how to do this, what do I do next?’
So a few thank yous
Thank you to
The lovely little Spanish student who saw me standing in an island having half crossed a busy junction.

Image of Dora the Edoxer

She approached, offered a hand off we went across the road once the light went green. It wasn’t until we got to the other side that I realised just how far out of her way she went to be kind. Once we were on the footpath she smiled and said ‘ok I’m going to cross back over to my friends have a nice evening’

it still makes me smile!

Thank you to the two lovely old school dubs I met walking hone from town one evening who offered me help, along with a disclaimer that they had been boozing and that I may end up guiding them! I bet they skipped into the nearest bar once I walked on, lol!
Thank you to the lovely man in my local spar!

Image of the spar logo

I’ve been in and out of the shop a lot over the last few years! Never with my cane though!
A few weeks ago I popped in after work to pick up a bottle of wine. It was drizzling so I folded up my cane when I entered the shop, putting it on the counter when I was paying.
He looked at me with absolute confusion saying, ‘do you’ve a problem with your eyes?’
We had a lovely little chat, steered by the usual questions, ‘what about glasses?’ ‘What about a cure?’
But the magic moment came after I shoved the lovely bottle of red into my work bag (which is just a black school bag)
He gave me my receipt, smiled and said ‘take good care of yourself’
Such a simple statement but it gave me the warm and fuzzies for the entire weekend.It just goes to show, a gesture big or small can have such a positive impact on someones day.
They are just three examples of the numerous random acts of kindness I’ve experienced since I started making a decent shape at this whole out of the closet VIP life
It costs nothing to be nice to people and I’m very grateful to see there are so many people up and down the country walking the walk and not just talking the talk

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