Resolutions – the trick is to have no fear of failure

Writing these down on a public blog is either a very good idea or a haunting one, come January 2020!

I’m still on a high having reached all of my goals for 2018, that coupled with an extraordinary experience I had a number of weeks ago has inspired me to really think about what I want to achieve in 2019 and beyond! So here it goes.

Goal 1. Advance my career
I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t at least one career focused goal for the year. I’m looking after our Children & Teens services in Chime, as well as positioning hearing health as a corporate health priority. First step, raise enough to support 10 percent of all Chime clients (those aged 18 years and under).

Now, in an ideal world I would bring in 750k over the next 12 months but we will settle for bringing in one euro more than my year one target, as this year is our capacity building year!

The chime team standing outside our Head Office on North Fredrick St Dublin 1

Goal 2. Stop being afraid or avoiding what “isn’t possible”
A few weeks ago I sat in the river seat of a Suzuki Jimny and had a driving lesson. With one single turn of the key I felt something inside me change – it was as though all the parts of me that I had forced down because “they weren’t realistic” as a VIP started to bubble up inside me again. My love of cars and engines, the inner hippy (with a bit of bling) etc.

Having reflected on this experience I realised that my unrelenting commitment to showcasing the shiny positive side of all things VIP meant that I devoted very little time throughout my blind life, working toward what I really wanted to do or how I really felt about certain things. For example I grew up in the country and never even dane to entertain the idea of ever spending much time or investing any time in living the country life because “sure that wouldn’t be practical when you can’t drive”. I’ll hold my hands up now and say I regret that. So here’s to a year of not being afraid to say what I want and investing the time in interests that I may not be able to experience fully but can still enjoy

Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick sitting on a Suzuki King Quad on top of a mountain

Goal 3. Learn something new
I’m a firm believer that we can all learn something new every day! I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an evening course of some sort for nearly 6 months. Should it be baking, or maybe massage, or what about a business qualification. Turns out, what I really want to do is the Green Cert, a farming qualification! It’ll take two years but it looks like great fun! I may or may not be the first vision impaired person to do the course, we will find out at the open day on March 7th.

Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick standing with her amazing nephew Sean Desmond on the family farm

Goal 4. Cherish my friends and loved ones
This is something that needs to be done every single day!

It’s taken some time to really commit and fine tune my 2019 aspirations and I’m looking forward to challenges and excitement that each of them will bring along the way, because you mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter!

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