I set myself 4 goals in 2018 and heres what happened ….

On the 31st of December 2017 I popped open a bottle of porsecco and took some time out to think about what I wanted to achieve in2018.

I wrote four goals down on the back page of a new hard back notebook. I tucked away the notebook feeling very proud of myself.

Reaching the goals

The first two I managed within six months

1. Find the perfect organisation to work for, advance my career and find a mentor!

CHECKED OFF the list on June 11th

Image of Chime CEO ane Director of Advocacy

2. The second goal was to maintain and build great friendships.

I have to say I’m extremely fortunate, I feel very loved by my friends and I adore them.!

CHECKED OFT the list every day

Screengrab of my Instagram grid.

3. Use my cane

I’ve always been an ‘undercover’ VIP (as my friend Nadine calls me). Typically just using my cane in airports or when I’m in a queue.

4. Find love

Yes, that’s right. I put in writing that 2018 would be the year I found love.

Unfortunately, after checking off goals 1 and 2 I either lost momentum or lost focus. That was until the 3rd of November.

It was a grey Sunday morning and I woke at 8 as usual, made my porridge pancakes and took a load off before getting ready to go to the gym.

On route I went flying over an uneven footpath and landed smack bang on all fours, breaking my arm in two places.

The shock and holy mortifying shame of falling at one of the busiest junctions where I lived caused me to leap up and dust myself off quite quickly and I continued on to the gym.🙈🙈

It wasn’t until that evening, when the pain would not subcide that I went to A and E.

While I was there, in between the snots and tears, two thoughts dominated my mind.

Firstly, that I really needed to start using a long cane and in general start taking better care of myself.

I started using an old cane I had in my apartment for a few weeks. It was a very heavy and difficult to use cane, so I ordered a light weight carbon fibre black and pink cane from Ambutech and I have to say I adore it.

Goal three, CHECKED OFF November 11th

My good self smiling and holding my cane

A college friend of mine, who I had met by chance one evening in Javas in UL in 2008 and ended up building an extremely strong and close friendship with was also dominating my thoughts in between the snots, tears and self pity in A and E that evening

We hadn’t seen each other in two yrar for a variety of reasons but for some reason I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

The following day I got the train home to Kerry to got some much needed mammy TLC.

While I was home in Kerry I reached out to Brendan and we finally arranged a proper catch up after a long two years.

Timing had never been right for us to ever be more then friends and of course there was always the dreadful fear of our friendship being damaged

But all those fears disappeared when we took a moment to stand still together. It only took 10 years of adoring and supporting each other but we got there!

Left to right, image of myself and Brendan ten years ago, image of us recently

Here’s to a spectacular 2019 filled with happiness, adventure, challenges that are surmountable and fun!

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