App Review,shopping, cooking, reading and weather, all in the one app. Too good to be True?

App Review ViaOpta Daily

This is definitely one of those apps which splits end users right down the middle between “Love it” to “Meh”.

I’m a firm believer that what you get out of an app is directly linked to the time you put into learning how to use it. I’ve used his app on and off for nearly two years, dipping in and out of it periodically.

Image of the app as it appear on a smartphone


It’s a FREE app, so you’ve no excuse not to give it a go and see if it works for you

Blind or Low Vision?

I would say that it probably works best for people with low vision rather than no vision. But it does have a voice over function, so there’s nothing to stop anyone from using giving it a go

Android or iOS?

Its compatible with BOTH!

image of personalised home screen on the viaoppta dadily app

What does it do?

It has a number of functions, which is why I love it. Weather forecast, magnifier, text to speech, colour recogniser, objective identifier, coin identifier and a timer.


I find this useful for checking price tags etc. in shops, it grabs the image and you can zoom in even more on it. It takes some time to learn how to hold the camera properly but it’s a nice easy one.

Text to Speech

This has been hit and misses for me but it works more often than not. When I first got the app I read the back of nearly everything in my cupboard which was a first for me. Since then I‘ve started using it to skim through letters that come in the post and receipts.

Again you need to spend some time figuring out how to use the app and hold the camera


I’m colour blind so this has led to me becoming slightly OCD about how I put my clothes away when the laundry fairy delivers them back to my house. This is probably the only time I use the colour function in this app. Its light dependent, but I keep the blinds open and the light on the room and it works a treat.

Currency identify

I’ve come up with a system to manage this over the last few months, but I’ve tested its accuracy on notes and it seems to work well. I’m not sure how well it works with coin, but I’m sure all VIP’s know how to identify coins right? If not click here to read a how to blog post on this.

Object identifier

Now this is a crowd pleaser! The first thing I tried to identify was a stapler on my desk. It got it right away down the colour. These types of trivial tasks continued for a while. Than one day, I decided to see just how good this function was. I popped into my local Centra and bee lined for the fruit and veg. I wanted to see if it could identify cucumber and coquette and sure enough it did. I think this was the moment I really started to adore the app.

Image of cucumber and courgette

This function has rarely let me down.

There are other functions on the app, which are sort of “nice to haves” but definitely worth checking out.

You can also personalise the home screen of the app once it opens, which means you have a short cut to the ones you use the most.


Between the app being FREE and having so many different functions, I’m going to give it a 3.5 out of 5 VIP stars. Again, you’ve to put in time to maximise its impact but overall I’d recommend downloading it and having it in your back pocket for all occasions.

Click iOS or Android to download the app today.

image of five stars with three and a half in gold

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