All Hail Irish Rail

I’ve been fan girling over Irish Rail in the last few month’s because of the nifty digital time table d displays! And of course the pianos in certain stations don’t hurt either!

Digital Timetable Screen

And guys, they’ve done it again! I had a week inbetween finishing in NCBI and starting in my new exciting role, so naturally I headed for Kerry!

Arrived at the station at 6.30am, feeling very proud of myself for actually getting out of bed on time! Grabbed a coffee and checked the digital display for the platform number!

Image taken in Heuston

Despite it being the early morning train, I had to change in Mallow, something that doesn’t normally bother me.

So the train pulled in, I hopped out and crossed over the foot bridge and jumped into the killarney train!

Image of the footbridge in Mallow Railway Station

The second I sat down I got a sinkng feeling! Looking out the window, across at the Dublin train which was bound for cork, it dawned on me that I had left my tablet on my seat!

Thankfully panic did not set in, I went on to the Irish Rail website where it advised me to contact the destination station and ask for Lost and Found! Luck was absolutely on my side!

A lovely gent; Liam in Kent Station Cork found my tablet and arranged for it to be sent back to Heuston!

I definitely think my super cool tablet Monkey Case played a key role in Irish Rail rescuing the tablet!

Monkey Tablet Case with note on it saying Amie Henz

when I arrived back to Heuston I went into the Information Office and asked for the tablet! They were super helpful but did ask for a proper description of the device, when and where it was lost etc! The second I said Monkey Case we all burst out laughing!

So the main learnings from this, is to check the seats properly before leaving the train which they advise! It also helped that I knew the carriage I was in and bad contacted Kent Station before the train had arrived.

All Hail Irish Rail!!

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