VIP Front Runners Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon! Interview with Karen Kealy

You know it’s on trend when Penneys starts stocking it!

Image of sports clothes on the Penneys Website

It seems like the entire country is on a fitness buzz at the moment! Which of course makes total sense considering how much running helps with anxiety, sleep, creativity and depression! Regular exercise also sharpens your memory which is a must have for a VIP!

Thousands of women gathered in Dublin city yesterday for the annual Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon!

Image of thousands of women at the start line at 2018 Vhi Women's Mini Marathon

While I didn’t do the marathon myself I did have the pleasure of catching up with some old and new fitness fanatic friends!

Selfie of Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick and Niamh Delaney

My favourite part of the Mini Marathon is seeing all the VIP runners leading the race as they are left off five minutes before the sighted runners!

Over the last few month’s the VIP community has been thrilled to see Park Runs across Ireland introducing guide runners! Karen Kealy from Carlow is one of the front runners supporting the push for guide runners.

I caught up with Karen after she finished her 10k yesterday to hear all about how she got involved with Park Run and why others should bite the bullet and get their running shoes on!

Click here to watch the VIP Interview with Karen!

You can also click here to read about the benefits of running!

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