VIP Cosmetics Test, The Hunt Continues

The search for the perfect, easy to apply, long lasting, affordable make up continues!

Switching to cruelty free products a white ago, it helped me focus on a few key brands.

This week’s focus was on two great buys from Penneys!

Flormar Smooth Touch Foundation with SPF 20

I generally apply foundation or BB Cream with my hands to avoid missing some bits.

But I went absolutely wild today and flung on the makeup with a good old fashioned make up brush!

The foundation gives a lovely light coverage and is extremely easy to apply!

I tested it without a Matt primer to get a good feel for it!

And great news it lasted all day! Something I didn’t expect in this sweltering heat with my oily skin!

Image of the former foundation and essence lipstick on


During this epic exppoditiom to find the perfect war paint my magpie eye was drawn to the shiney shiney essence stand! Where I found this stunning Metal Shock Lip Paint! Yep, lip Paint!

It’s definitely not 100 Percent VIP friendly but it’s so shiney!!

Imagine of the mental shock lip Paint from Essence in its packaging, looking super shiney

The good news is, it stays on your lips when it’s applied, unlike some other brands that like to wander around your chin and upper lip for the lols!

That said, despite the paint being super pretty, it doesn’t dry and hold like traditional paint (jmagine), leaving your cup and or fork looking somewhat similar to a disco ball!

It’s a huge thumbs up for the Flormar Foundation but a VIP no to the shiney stuff from Essence!

Although it is worth mentioning that for the price of the essence lip Paint, it’s a good enough product!

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