VIP Make Up Review Inglot

Irish Brand, J Lo partnership, incredible lipstick colours, STUNNING packaging and cruelty free! I was convinced Inglot was going to be the brand for me!

After I switched to cruelty free a few weeks ago I set out on a hunt to find the perfect war paint partner!

I settled on trying Inglots Slim Gel Lipsticks to begin with!

Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick

Unfortunately it’s not getting the VIP kiss of approval for two main reasons!

1. Colour blind or not no one wants their lipstick to fade fast!

The colours fade extremely fast requiring regular top ups! And heaven forbid you need a caffeine fix because it will fade away to a pastel rather than the luxurious colour that appears when you first apply it!

2 A Little Fast and Loose Around the Edges

And worst of all (especially for VIPs) the lipstick likes to plays a little fast and Loose moving off the lip onto the surrounding skin!

Swatch of Inglot Slim Gel Lipsticks on my hand

Now perhaps this wouldn’t happen if i used a make up spray but I don’t generally have to use this with other cruelty free products and honestly I’m all out of the spray until pay day!

While this post isn’t really a ‘How To’ it will prevent you from wasting money on non VIP friends products!

I’ve bought a few more bits from other cruelty free brands and I’ll post some reviews over the next few weeks

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