3 VIP Interview Tips

We’ve all heard about the high unemployment rates, discrimination, and barriers to employment that all of us VIP’s face! So here are my top three tips for VIP interviews!

Images of stuck figers wearing suits and shaking hands

Bounce off the Page

You’ll never land in the chair if you don’t bounce a little!

All the Hiring Mangers and or CEO have to judge you on is your CV and possibly your social media footprint – so make your written content leap off the page and into their minds! Hiring managers can tell when they are reading a standardised CV or cover letter, so spice it up a bit.

Now I’m not saying you should start rambling about how great your networking skills are by talking about all the people you met during a lost night in Vietnam, but try and inject as much energy into content as possible!

The social content side of things is where it gets a little tricky, for me personally when you type my name into Google it screams BLIND! Meaning I don’t’ generally have an option as to whether or not I will disclose or not! If your online footprint throws you out of the disabled closet before you’re ready you can use this to you advantage! Published articles = researcher/ communications expert. Video content = marketing genius, etc. etc.

Get Your Creep On!

Image of cartoon character Inspector Gadget

As a fundraiser and former journalist – stalking is where it’s at for me! You should never walk into an interview without knowing something about the people sitting in front of you. LinkedIn and Twitter need to be your best friends! Now take what you’ve learned and use It!

While skills are important, the majority of people are hired on personality, as a VIP knowing this can be one of your greatest advantages! It will help you build a strong repore with your interviewers – making it impossible for them to forget you!

Don’t forget to buddy up with the receptionist as well, a lot of hiring managers will ask the receptionist what they thought of the candidates.

To Disclose or Not to Disclose

I’ve tried it every which way, I haven’t disclosed and I’ve been faced with that awkward head bob across the table as the interviewer tried to make eye contact with me. I have disclosed and I’ve been treated like a breakable princess on arrival. Only you can make this decision, but what I will say is, if you are going to disclose practice how you speak about your disability, the transferable skills it has allowed you to develop, the importance of your diverse view point in their particular workforce!

Cartoon of two men shaking hands

Disclosure is a never ending topic and I’ll explore it in more detail on the Through the Eyes of a VIP YouTube channel in the next few weeks. But for now, there are my 3 VIP Interview Tips! Please share your comments and questions below!

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  1. I totally agree. A lot of companies hire through recruitment agencies who screen the suitable applicants for the interview process. I would not recommend disclosing to a recruiter in general. In my experience they classify you as difficult to place in a position and therefore of little interest to them. If I really want a job, I will only disclose my dissability once I m invited to an interview.


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