3 VIP Air Travel Tips and Tricks!

BBC released a video about people with disabilities and air travel last week and it broke my heart seeing people having their dignity stripped from them!

It also reminded me that I needed to post my top three tips for VIP Travel Prep

1. Booking Your Queue Hopping!

Skipping queues is something I joke about light heartedly when it comes to VIP travelling, but this is really what I’m referring to!

Dublin Airporthas been scooping up awards for their accessibility efforts over the last few years! While no organisation is 100per cent perfect; DAA are leaps and bounds ahead of mainland Europe.

Picture of the branding OCS Desk in Dublin Airport Terminal 2

To organise your assistance at the airport all you’ve to do is, firstly let your airline know that you have a Disability and secondly call OCS Main Office + 353 1 944 6104 at least 48 hours ahead of your flight with your flight details!

Just to manage expectations, every airport operates under different disability policies, with some staff not fully trained in disability awareness. If someone is finding it difficult to assist you it’s a great opportunity to help them learn, I’ll post a min training vlog in the next few weeks.

2. Packing Strategy

Now that you’ve your assistance booked it’s time to pack up a storm!

Those of you who read/ watched my A Day in the Life vlog, will know that I try to prepare for the week ahead every Sunday by checking my diary (personal and private) and then I lay out my clothes! The same goes for holidays/ travel! So here’s the priority list: clothes, products and entertainment!

I pack my products and entertainment bits in mini bags (material and or clear zip lock) so they are easier to find on the plane and when you touch down!

Suitcases on an airport carousel

Once you’ve everything packed, I recommend taking a picture of your luggage to show to whoever will give you assistance when you land, it takes the hassle out of looking for your bags!

3. Mapping it

Google maps is where it’s at for me, both at home and abroad. There are so many options on maps and did you know you can download your routes so you’re not restricted by limited internet access!

There are so many options on Google Maps:

Audio; which calls out when you’ve to take a left, right or continue.

Street View; I love this feature cause it allows you to go on a little tour of where ever you’re going, it’s so handy to familiarise yourself with the surroundings in a new place!

Satellite View; this gives am Ariel view of an area which I find useful for orientation in new places! You can view a quick demo on Google Maps by clicking here and going to the VIP YouTube channel!

So there you have it, three very simple Tips for VIP Air Travel!

Share your tips, tricks and experiences below!

You can click here to view the BBC video.

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  1. In Germany for example people with disabilities can also book assistance at train stations. I always do some research about things to do and see and how to get there with public transport. I ring museums and ask for accessible tours. A great way to see a place are mainstream walking tours. We go up to the guide at the start and ask him or her to look out for us. I also save affordable places to eat in Google maps, since I can t look at menues outside restaurants. Technology has made travelling much easier for people with vision impairments.


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