Just Two Girls Drinking Wine Talking VIP

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely Stuart Lawler on the Technology Podcastlast week, where I mentioned that I was going to meet a great friend of mine to chat about travelling with a VIP!

I’ve tried my best to edit down the video as much as possible! I met Sarah when we were both in Wave Change in 2012, Sarah’s background is in Special Needs Care and Business Management! Also, the random beeping you hear in the background is food orders coming in to the restaurant

Image of wave change participants

So what did we chat about and what were the outcome

Q. Is there any difference travelling with a VIP compared to a fully sighted person?

A. Turns out we are a lot smarter than our sighted buddies. . click here to see why!

Q. What does blind look like?

A. There is absolutely no definitive answer to this as we all know, but I was interested to hear about Sarah’s perceptions of VIP’s.

Q. How to disclose

A. I’m definitely not the expert on this, but Sarah shares how I disclosed my sight loss to her way back when in 2012. I’ll be uploading content on Disclosure in the context of the work environment in the next few weeks to stay tuned!

Q. Does the Disabled Label Define a person?

A. Lol, absolutely not. People always forget I’m a VIP, myself included! Sarah took it upon herself to share some funny blind moments we’ve had over the years.

And if you’re still with us after all that, Sarah and I will be going to get her eyes checked in Specsavers in the next few weeks and of course we will be having the eye health bants as well!

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You Can watch the full video on YouTube!

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