A Day in the Life of a VIP

I’m always surprised when I’m asked to describe the average day in the life of a VIP, it’s a tricky one because everyone’s experience is so different. But alas I’ve relented and I’ve pulled together some clips from Sunday to show you a day in the life of this particular VIP!

You can find the link to the video at the end of this blog!

When I’m being really good, it’s an early start to try and go for a run! I’m always mindful of the weather as I’m extremely sensitive to light. I forgot my sunglasses on Sunday, but thankfully I didn’t mow anyone down on my jog.

Then it’s brunch time. The type of brunch is very much budget dependent, this weeks brunch was DIY but I have to say I’m very impressed with myself ( well my new waffle maker). The video also shows me going avocado shopping in Centra! I’ve used the Novartis ViaOpta Sim app in Centra to give you an idea of what the fruit and veg looks like to me! The video then shows me using the Via Opta Daily App to scan and find the right bits!

I’ve also given you a quick taster of Zoom Text the assistive technology I use on my computer! It magnifys the screen and also has an audio function! Basically it allows me to do everything a fully sighted person does!

And finally, the part I both love and hate every Sunday! Picking out my clothes for the week! For some reason, it always feels like an absolute emergency to try and gt out of the house in the morning, no matter what time I get up at.

My eyes cam be a little unpredictable in the mornings so it’s helpful to layout my clothes for the week in advance. I had no external meetings this week, so I’ve picked out some comfy semi casual outfits. Monday I sportee skinny jeans from H&M paired with a black round neck jumper from Dunnes and tiger print neck scarf. On Tuesday, I’d my Zara leggings that I bought in Lanzarote at Christmas. Paired with a loose H&M top. And then my fav, navy skinnies from Penney s with my orange Tommy Hilfiger jumper for Wednesday!

And the very last thing to do on a Sunday is to have a cup of camomile tea and set the alarm!

So there you have it! The average Sunday in this VIPs life.

Click here to view video


  1. Hi Amie

    I recently started to follow your blog. I am really enjoying your posts. They’re very practical and a great insight.

    I also have low vision and recently attended the NCBI training centre for a year.

    Best of luck with the blog.


    Sent from my iPad



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