Blind Brunch On a Budget!

I definitely won’t be giving Neven Maguire a run for his money anytime soon but I do like to treat myself!

It’s been a while since I had a nice brunch and with three days to payday I said I’d do DIY brunch at home this morning!

Last week when I was back home in Kerry my lovely mammy gave me a waffle maker! I’m a huge fan of little cooking machines!

Picture of the new waffle maker, it is a black circular machine with a little red light on too to indicate whether or not it is on

Between my mini George Foreman,my omelette maker (from the 2 Euro Store) and my waffle maker I don’t think I’ll be using my oven anytime soon!

Budget in mind, I went for an avocado and lemon waffle this morning!

Picture of a waffle with chopping avocado and lemon on it

I had the milk, eggs,flour at home and popped to the shop for the avocado and lemon. So I just flung everything into a bowl and chopped the avocado and lemom and left it on the side. I had intended on making porridge pancakes but sadly my blender kicked the bucket this morning!

This little machine is so easy to use, just plug it in and have at it!

I did totally and grossly over estimated the amount of batter to put into the machine (which means I’ve a good 40 minutes of cleaning up to do)! And the waffle does look a little morning like an anemic pancake rather than a Waffle! It does taste great and didn’t take long to do at all because I made the batter before I went for a short jogg this morning!

Would definitely recommend this little machine from Aldi, totally takes the hassle out of cooking and very accessible both to use and purchase!

Picture of the box the waffle maker came in. It's a white box with a picture of a cooked waffle in the machine on it

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