Blind Fashion Tips Hourglass

My usable vision has deteriorated over the last few months so I’m down to just shapes and a few colours these days but clothes and trying to be somewhat fashionable is still a priority!

So how does it work?

It’s all in the Shape, which blind or not this is the most important style secret you’ll ever learn! I’m a firm believe that you dress for your shape and not the latest uniform trend.

I’ve an hourglass figure, I always have from the time i was a size 6 to my current size (which lets just say is bigger than the good old size 6 days).

There are three key shapes that populate my wardrobe. My addiction to bright colours helps to break up the monotony of the shapes.

The Traditional Midi.

I just adore a good midi dress! You can wear them anywhere and they cover a multitude!

All my midi dress have a high neck line (cause let’s face it no one needs to have it all out there). I also like mid length slaves on dresses and of course they MUST nip in at the waist.

Amie VIP In a royal blue midi dress from Love Virgo Boutique with black stilettos

The Spanx from Penneys(the ones that look like cycling shorts) are also a good shout to help accentuate the hourglass shape.

High Waisted Jeans

Thank God these came back in! For anyone out there with larger than life rear ends like myself I’m sure you’ll agree that those low rise jeans did nothing for no one! At least the high waisted ones give you a nice smooth shape.

Amie VIP wearing high waisted pleather leggings from H&M with a long sleeve lace top and bright pink stilettos from Penneys

All my jeans are from Penney s and H&M. Nice and affordable and they wash really well.

The Classic V Neck

Veering slightly away from my straight laced high neck midi dresses, I spice it up a bit with some V Neck tips.

Amie VIP wearing a v neck too and a funky piece of customer jewellery standing beside her lovely mummy

These are great for hourglass figures and they also allow me to incorporate neck scarves or costume jewellery into my outfits.

One shape I discovered as being in absolutely no way flattering for this particular figure is culottes.

Amie VIP wearing a green culotte jumpsuit standing in the middle of tram eir at the 2017 CSRAwards

Sadly for me I didn’t realise they weren’t the most flattering until after a gala dinner. Better late than never I guess!


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