When You Get Lost in the Gym

Over the last 12 months I’ve been making an effort to be a little healthier.

This started with trimming down my diet and upping my exercise!

I adore running outside but as the days got shorter towards the end of last year I had to stop running outside and start looking for a gym.

After the usual and slightly excessive research online I settled on joining FlyeFit. It was close to my house and work and it’s affordable. But the icing on the cake for me was “The Tour” that they offer and recommend to all new members!

During the tour I got to grips with the machines, the gym layout, the locker rooms and what I thought was the route to and from the exit/ entrance.

Enter Plot Twist!

I ended up going to the gym during working hours one of the days I was off. Completely overlooking the class schedules. Off I trotted and had s jolly old time for myself on the cross trainer. After about 40 minutes I finished up and got ready to leave and then. . . .

The usual route to the exit was cut off cause a class was going on!

My initial reaction was to go back into the changing rooms and ask someone to show me the way!

This was fine in theory but everyone was changing, washing, gabbing, all the things you can’t butt in on in a locker room setting.

Conscious of looking a little like a creep at this stage I wanted outside the changing rooms, ready to ask someone for directions when someone, anyone  emerged fully clothed.

Again, all good in theory but sure the first person to emerge shot out of the room like a bolt of lightning and there was no catching her. I started to run/ jogg after her so I could escape!

She spotted me following her half way down the stairs ( stairs that I never even knew existed) but there was no catching her to explain.

Just another day in my blind life!

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