The Restaurant Menu, The Ultimate VIP Frienemy . . . UNTIL THE INTERNET!

You’ve probably noticed that this particular VIP’s life isn’t all that different to yours. For me though the devil is in the detail or more accurately the internet!

Saturday nights are typically reserved for antisocial netflixing, mini breaks or Gfirls Nights!

Being a lazy but slightly social sod this weekend a few of us dawned our Saturday casuals and headed to Diep (nothing new for me … it is however terribly convenient and tasty).

One thing that alwais ys bothered me growing up and even nowadays (when I’ve limited internet access) is not being able to read menus for and by myself!

Of course there have always been alternative options like asking whoever is with you to read it to you or using a clunky magnifier to scroll down through the options.

Me being who I an, neither havr ever pleased me.

So how do VIP’s read menus?

It’s all in the prep and the internet, most menus can be perused from the comfort of your own home or in the restaurant online!

Making dining out a far more enjoyable and autonomous experience!!

Thank God for Digital Marketing, smartphones and lovely restaurants that have their menus on the t’inrerweb!

Delicious Diep Menu:

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