How do VIP’s Apply Makeup? Blind Make up Tips and Tricks

Have you ever tried doing your make up with your eyes closed? Sure why would you says you.

Like a lot of women I like make up and research shows that huge numbers of VIP women would love to be able to use make up easily and effectively!

In lieu of Anna Wintour’s make up team rocking up to my house every morning I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out the VIP make up how to’s.

Finding the right products is key as I’ve little to no colour contrast or perception left on top of already limited fuzzy vision!

I’m always on the look out for new products as well but for now here’s the best of the best!

No 7 BB Cream!

It’s so easy to use. I apply it with my hands so I can track whether or not I’ve done my whole face.

No 7 logo and B B cream

I’m totally bias here because I adore No 7 BB Cream, the coverage is extraordinary and it feels great on your skin.

Then it’s time to get a little more brave, Enter the powder.

MAC Studio Fix

I’ll hold my hands up and say I spent many years walking around looking like a close relation to an Oompa Loompa. And then MAC Studio Fix entered my life!

I just love that the MAC girls explain exactly how to apply everything . (Morto if I explain this wrong)

I use a standard brush from Boots and apply the powder in circles!

There’s a huge variety of shades available so unfortunately for the Oompa Loompas I’m no longer a member of the family!

MAC cosmetics counter

Mascara is one of the harder ones! I’ve yet to find the perfect one so I’ve been trying out a few from Penneys! I also haven’t figured out how not to stab myself in the eye with the wond!

Eye liner also remains a mystery but I’m hoping to set up some make up ttutorials in the next few weeks to master it!

MAC Retro Range Liquid Lip

Lipsticks are also from MAC. Because my makeup is generally plain I try to go for a strong lip.

I’m using the Retro Range at the moment. It honestly stays on for hours with no need for touch ups!

Swatch of MAC red retro range lipstick

All my lipsticks have a Matt finish. Thankfully between the powder and lipsticks my oily skin is kept at bay.

Writing on makeup products is extremely small so the magnifier is always with me in case the MAC or No 7 staff are busy!

I did however reach out to a social influencer who is going to release her own products this year and she was super open to having larger writing on her products!

What this space!

So there you have it, the VIP make up how to’s

Amie VIP wearing No 7 B B cream, Penney s mascara, MAC Studio Fix powder and lipsticks

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