I May Have Locked Myself Out of My House But I Looked Dame G ood Doing It

Preparation is key when it comes to fashion for VIPs.

Every Sunday evening I pick out my clothes for the coming week. It all comes down to a few things

what’s the happs for the next week, dinners, meetings, or simply just the desire to look shit hott!

Monday was a long and busy day so i needed something comfy and cool.

Enter Dunnes! It’s ALWAYS Dunnes!

Black and white checked midi super stretch skirt paired with a soft black v neck with mid length slaves. I needed a pop of colour so I threw on a pink multi coloured light weight scarf from Paul Costellos collection!

Amie VIP wearing a checked skirt from Dunnes standing with Team NCBI in FIRE

I always wear at least one bright thing = I can’t always see people coming my way but they sure as shit can’t miss me in my brightness! Practical and fashionable (I think)

The boots are also super cool and comfy they’re two years old from H&M. They have a super nifty leather effect block heel. You can’t see the detail of the boots in the picture but the zips are on the outside which I also adore. You can wear them for about 7 hours before you want to chop off your feet and drop to the ground!

Most of this outfit was bought online to avoid the typical struggles with tiny print on labels and awkward head bobbing conversations with staff!

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