The Ultimate Fear ~ A New Hair Salon

The fear of going to a new hair dressr! Will they do what I want? What if they cut it too much? Now add in a little bit of blind and you’ve got
“What if I trip over something and face plant into a sink!’
These questions were playing on my mind all week before going to The Space
So getting my VIP tips and tricks on I started following The Space on instagram to 1. See what their stylist were like and 2. To get a feel for the layout of the place
I instantly fell in love with their stylist and picked out exactexactly what I wanted my hair to look like from one of their pictures
And thanks to their instagram stories I knew exactly what the place looked like, where the reception desk was, where the sinks were etc. So off I headed off up to the space with total excitement where I met Danny who transformed Me!!! Their customer service is extraorindary and they are so amazing at doing what they do!
They’ve super stylists and a funky fresh atmosphere in there

The glass of prosecco also added to the experience
So here you have it a non brace, healthy ash blonde a line bob with low lights

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