A Blonde or Blind Moment?

I’d be lying if i said it was one or the other because I’ve no idea how this happened.

I was all gussied up and ready to go to a slap up client dinner on Monday evening after work.

I finished off my last few bits and headed for the bus into FIRE on Dawson st.

The food was fabulous and the conversation was incredible.

Clients happy and a satisfied Amie, we finished up after what can only be described as a taste sensation, I headed across the road and hopped into a taxi . . . . Only to realise that I didn’t have my house keys!!

As prepared as I was leaving the office I assumed my keys were in my handbag but we all know what happens when you assume. Sadly in this case the only ass was me!

It turns out I had left my keys on my less then orderly desk in work!! My initial reaction (after are you kidding me?) Was “i wonder if I would have copped this if I had regular sight and I noticed the keys on my desk”.

On reflection I’m not so sure how realistic that is because this could very well have been a blonde rather than a blind Moment!

Luckily a friend took shelter on me for the night.

I did however have a launch event to go to the very next day. So I ended up having to do a modern day and very strange walk of shame into the office at 7am, wearing the same clothes as the previous day, to grab my keys, flee home, shower and put my glad rags and jazz hands on for the launch event!

All in a day of the life of a VIP

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